The Tuss

•• The Tuss - Grant Wilson-Claridge email interview in full
•• Quotes used for Load Of Old Tuss article (iDJ magazine August 2007)

Do you know who The Tuss is?
Sure I do, we signed them up! but does it matter? We have released tons of ace records.

Would you tell us if you did?
Yep, i did innit

Is it one, two or more people?
It is two people at the moment.

Is it Brian Tregaskin?
Brian and Karen, as stated on the individual releases.

Is it Richard James having a laugh?
Me and Richard signed it. We have fun doing what we do but Rephlex business doesn't really make us laugh very often, more of a constant smile.

Is it both him and his mates having a laugh?
Phew, the same question put tons of different ways. It definitely isn't, no.

There's footage of Richard playing a Tuss track live. Is that conclusive evidence?
You mean DJ'ing off his laptop? Well then of course not… Like i asked, why does it matter? People seem more interested in speculation and celebrity than content, quality or music. Be careful you don't miss something really great that isn't really famous.

What do you make of the fuss surrounding The Tuss?
I don't care either way. Would rather be left out of it as it is not particularly important or relevant. It's boring to read. Really great to listen to. There are real fundamental interesting informative issues people could be writing/learning about.

Are all those myspace pages made by chancers, if so how come some of the music is so good?
I am not into myspace personally, but i think it's great for people that are into it. As you have probably worked out by now, all the pages are made by chancers and not all of the music there is so good, some of it I hope not to hear again. Some of it is cool tho.

Will we ever find out who he, she or they is or are?
I don't know the answer to that, I'll go and consult my crystal ball and let you know when i find out. There are so many good records out there, just support the artists providing the entertainment you love with your purchase of a new original edition in decent proportion to your useage of it. There are also tons of legends myths rumours and fallacies that arise and become publically accepted as truth and maybe that's one reason that so much of contemporary opinion is too far from the ideal.

- Ian Roullier, 07/2007
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