About the Author

Ian Roullier is a writer and mental health advocate from a small town near London. In 2015, Ian was one of just 19 participants in a medical trial to use magic mushrooms to treat depression – the first psychedelic trial in the UK for 50 years. Ian’s story has since been covered as part of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry’s groundbreaking series The Me You Can’t See, on the BBC documentary Alastair Campbell: Depression And Me, and in Michael Pollan’s New York Times best seller, How To Change Your Mind.

Ian has now told the full story in his own words in his debut book (The) Fix – a memoir that charts a lifetime of desperately looking for a way to fix the damage caused by his abusive father. From pursuing spiritual enlightenment, to seeking love in disastrous relationships, to facing his father in court, something had to work – his life depended on it. Ian was finally presented with a chance of salvation. All he had to do was look his demons in the eye. All he had to do was swallow the capsules.

(The) Fix plots how Ian broke down and broke through and ends where the mental health pandemic intersects with the new psychedelic revolution. This raw, personal trip from the darkness into the light is cut through with resilience, hope, philosophy, humour and bad poetry, with journal entries and emails bringing ‘live’ insight into each moment.

A successful journalist and editor for 20 years, Ian has written for clients as diverse as the BBC, Mixmag and the mental health charity Mind. He has done extensive public speaking about psychedelic therapy and mental health and is also the founder of the Psychedelic Participant Advocacy Network (PsyPAN), an organisation created to help improve participant safety and wellbeing by building best practice across the global psychedelic sector.

Ian is currently seeking agent representation for (The) Fix. For further information, please email ian@ianroullier.com